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Dynamic Reteaming – The Art & Wisdom of Changing Teams
Let’s debunk the myth that you must keep teams stable or “the same” in order to have a successful company. Changing teams can help reduce the risk of attrition, learning & career stagnation, and the development of knowledge silos. I’ll share original case studies from well known companies that enable dynamic change to their teams propelled by retrospectives and other agile, humanistic practices. In this talk, you’ll learn tips and tricks for building a sustainable company by changing teams – whether it’s by growing and splitting teams, merging teams, seeding teams, adding new people across multiple teams and more. I’ll also share reteaming antipatterns and what not to do.

Leadership Starts with Listening
Listening is power. By “tuning in” and applying curiosity and self management we can decide what to do when faced with challenging or complex group dynamics. Listening is a strategy to guide emergent decision making based on connection, awareness and empathy. Listening also helps us to become more available and accessible as leaders. Combining listening with asking open-ended thoughtful questions, we can discover how to coach others to solve their own problems instead of telling them what to do.

Workshop: Practical strategies for helping your reteaming succeed
Have you recently changed up your teams? Maybe you’ve gone through a reorg? There are deliberate things that you can do to help teams gel and get up to speed efficiently and effectively. This not only helps build crucial relationships among team members, but also saves money in the long run. We’ll experience a set of dynamic activities that you can replicate back at your company.