Here’s a sampling of workshops I offer at industry conferences.

Dynamic Reteaming at Fast-Growing Companies
Team change is inevitable, especially when your company is hiring like crazy and doubling in size. Your teams might grow and split. 20 people might arrive in one day. What feels like “tectonic shifts” happen as you morph structurally in an attempt to refocus work and people. How can we bring a humanistic stance to this dynamic reteaming? How can the people be empowered to own their own team changes? How do you integrate the new people in without losing your sense of “culture?” We will explore questions like these with an interactive format. Along the way, I’ll share case studies from 3 successful startups I’ve been a part for nearly 20 years.

Key takeaways:

  • Learn patterns of team change including: isolation, one by one, grow and split, and load balancing.
  • Experience what it’s like to let people choose their own teams.
  • Analyze your current situation with ecocycle and panarchy tools.
  • Determine a strategy for dealing with the “how do we maintain our culture” question as your company grows.
  • Analyze reteaming problem sets to determine how you would approach solving them.
  • Learn tactics to help your teams gel and get up to speed after they change.


Experience and Practice Coaching Conversations
This is a highly interactive workshop. First I make the case for focused attention, listening and awareness – skills we all need more of in the world so people feel “heard.” Next I teach specific communication skills that we practice via exercises. These skills include: The 3 levels of listening, paraphrasing, mirroring and how you can draw people out by asking open ended, powerful questions.

Participants get a lot of networking out of this session. They share a real-life challenge they are facing with 3 other participants. They do this while practicing the coaching skills that are taught to them in the workshop. So it’s practical, experiential, and skills-based learning that we can apply to all areas of our lives.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to design coaching conversations
  • How to refactor your 1 on 1 meetings so they are coaching-focused
  • Practical ideas on how to coach people instead of telling them what to do
  • Listening techniques to develop self-awareness
  • Questioning techniques to draw out the other person
  • How to design accountability into a coaching conversation
  • Ethical issues about coaching


Coaching the Team System
Each team system has a different dynamic. Sometimes we have great chemistry and it’s easy but other times it can be really challenging! We can reduce our risk and deliberately build self-aware teams that reflect, experiment and decide how they want to work together. In this interactive workshop, we’ll practice specific tactics to kick off a new team or to bring the life back into a stagnating one. We will experience ways to surface and get rid of toxic communication and how to foster empathy between roles.

Key takeaways:

  • Learn how to start up a new team or reset an existing one.
  • Gain alignment with building team alliances and conflict protocols.
  • Experience how to foster empathy between roles.
  • Share communication anti-patterns and remedies.
  • Learn basic workflow visualization to jump start continuous improvement.

Break out of Meeting Stagnation with Liberating Structures

Don’t you just hate it when you get to “that meeting” and you feel like a prisoner?  If it’s a multi-day offsite it can be even worse.  In this highly interactive and immersive workshop, we will experience several of the open-sourced liberating structures that you can use right away in your next meeting. We will experience one structure after another for maximum learning.  You will also get the liberating structures tool selector you can use to map the desired meeting outcomes to specific structures in order to yield more collaborative, inclusive and productive meetings.