Here’s a sampling of workshops I offer at industry conferences.

Dynamic Reteaming
Has your organization recently “reteamed” or “reorg’d?” Are you hiring a lot of new people or are working on a new or changed team? The addition or subtraction of as little as one team member means you have a “new team.” There are deliberate things that you can do with teams to help get them up to speed fast so they can start being productive with less hesitance or fear. In this workshop we will go through a series of activities to help your team gel fast so they can get to know each other well and build rapport and respect.

Experience and Practice Coaching Conversations
In this workshop you will learn about the difference between giving advice and coaching. You will understand and practice deep listening and how to draw out the other person by asking open-ended powerful questions to further “their agenda” as opposed to your own. We’ll go over essential ethical aspects of one-on-one coaching as well as how to bring the people you coach to meaningful accountability that encourages action or changes in the way that they want to “show up” in the world. We’ll also talk about the art of mentoring and giving advice. That too has it’s place especially when we are working with teams to apply a certain philosophy such as Lean and Agile development.

Coaching the Team System
This workshop will teach you tools and activities that you can use when coaching teams. Instead of focusing on improving the individuals on the team separately, we will learn and practice strategies to tap into the team system as a unit, and how to engage with it on a regular basis to increase the team’s collective intelligence so that it can succeed in whatever it chooses to do.