Here’s a sampling of workshops I offer at industry conferences.

Dynamic Reteaming
Let’s debunk the myth that you must keep teams stable or “the same” in order to have a successful company. Changing teams can help reduce the risk of attrition, learning & career stagnation, and the development of knowledge silos. I’ll share original case studies from well known companies that enable dynamic change to their teams propelled by retrospectives and other agile, humanistic practices. In this workshop, you’ll learn tips and tricks for building a sustainable company by changing teams – whether it’s by growing and splitting teams, merging teams, seeding teams, adding new people across multiple teams and more. I’ll also share reteaming antipatterns and what not to do.

Dynamic Reteaming at Fast-Growing Companies
Team change is inevitable, especially when your company is hiring like crazy and doubling in size. Your teams might grow and split – like mitosis. 20 people might arrive in one day. What feels like tectonic shifts happen as you morph structurally to refocus people and work. How can we bring a humanistic stance to this dynamic reteaming? How can the people be empowered to have ownership over their team change? How can we integrate the new people in without losing our sense of “culture?” We will explore questions like these and will discover practical strategies to master dynamic reteaming.

Experience and Practice Coaching Conversations
Listening is power! By “tuning in” and applying self management and directed curiosity you can help others thrive and solve their own problems, instead of telling them what to do. This results in more leaders in your organization instead of “order takers.” In this workshop you’ll get a crash course in coaching conversations- turning you into a more empowering leader, co-worker and friend.

Coaching the Team System
This workshop will teach you tools and activities that you can use when coaching teams. Instead of focusing on improving the individuals on the team separately, we will learn and practice strategies to tap into the team system as a unit, and how to engage with it on a regular basis to increase the team’s collective intelligence so that it can succeed in whatever it chooses to do.