Dynamic Reteaming

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May 2016:  I was interviewed by Vasco Duarte on his ScrumMaster Toolbox podcast.  Here are the episodes – take a listen and let me know what you think:

Reteaming – Benefiting from changing teams

Nurturing Relationships as a way to manage the system – In this podcast I talk about having retrospectives beyond the team level, specifically getting groups of people with common goals together for reflecting, such as mentors, new hires, people that interview, etc.

Helping Teams Gain their Independence – the scrummaster’s job is to help the teams be “self-running.” We help get them up to speed and then fade out so that we can help other teams.  I talk about that in this episode and also our goal of developing small things to solve customer problems – really a Lean UX approach to development.

The Us vs Them Antipattern – When a team member is struggling and they are in a different role, we need to band together to help them succeed.  Relationship building is imperative in software development.  If you know and care about the people you work with, everything else is easier.

Command and Control Agile – this is the story of how we mandated pair programming and came to it with a “policing” approach – and how that failed.  We then started trusting our engineers and developed a culture where people choose how they want to work..whether it’s pairing, mobbing or whatever. After that shift we had more pairing.  It was a great lesson learned.  This episode also talks about the antipattern of scrummasters or agile coaches that try to impose their own agenda onto groups that might benefit from some other practice. Maybe the coach learns a new tool that they are excited about and they bring it to a team but the team really doesn’t need that practice at all.  I call that “poorly done foreign aid.”