About Heidi

Heidi Helfand is author of the book Dynamic Reteaming. She’s passionate about helping companies build great products and high-performing teams, and she’s particularly interested in the people side of engineering. With over 20 years of experience in the tech industry, including roles at AppFolio, Procore and Expertcity/GoToMeeting, Heidi has gained a deep understanding of how to help organizations successfully navigate change and scale their teams. She lives in Southern California, where she enjoys spending time with her family and exploring the outdoors.

“Truly enjoyed Heidi’s workshop – took it about six weeks ago and it still resonates. She exudes competence, experience, and expertise in getting the best out of people and teams, and is able to weave many topics together seamlessly. Her facilitation skills are great; instead of delivering a lecture, she ran a few activities that both changed the energy of the people in the room, and also helped illustrate some of the key concepts. Heidi’s list of resources encouraged me to do additional research and reading in some of the topics she introduced.”

Founder, CTO School

“With the right balance of theory (what) and hands on practice (how), Heidi provided a sound foundation for coaching in the workplace and how it can help me day-to-day. Understanding when and how to listen, yes they are different, helped frame very practical and useful conversations with a complete stranger. Highly recommended.”


“I really appreciated your coaching tutorial. It was in my opinion the best of the sessions I attended. I’m currently at a point where my soft skills are becoming far more important than my technical skills and your tutorial was a great start. It was also a great way to meet other attendees at the convention, which can sometimes be difficult. So thank you again for putting the introduction to coaching together.”


Keynote Speaker

Heidi speaks at conferences and events to teach global tech companies how to thrive with team changes.

Her popular topics include:

  • Dynamic Reteaming Patterns & Tactics
  • Coaching Teams through Change
  • 5 Ways to Get Better at Dynamic Reteaming when Growing Your Company

Dynamic Reteaming

In this practical book, author Heidi Helfand shares techniques for reteaming effectively.

Based on research into well-known software companies, the patterns in this book help CTOs and team managers effectively integrate new hires into an existing team, manage a team that has lost members, or deal with unexpected change.

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